Leverage the power of blockchain for your business

We develop blockchain-powered solutions that address concrete use cases, solve pain points and generate new opportunities.

Services We design, prototype and implement your blockchain solutions successfully and in record time.


We help you understand the impact of blockchain on your industry so you can prepare prepare your organization for the next level.


We join forces to test and validate business ideas in a series of short work sprints, demonstrating how blockchain ideas can work in practice.


We are a reliable partner to develop full-fledge solutions and integrate blockchain functionality seamlessly into your existing systems.


We support business executives and software developers looking to broaden their knowledge of decentralized technology.

About us We have a proven track record of developing successful digital solutions

We facilitate innovation by empowering organizations to realize their digital ambitions in an agile way and with minimum disruption to their existing business. Active for over two decades in the digital space, BlockFactory has been pioneering blockchain solutions since 2013. Over the years, we built a broad portfolio of references with Swiss and international clients, consisting of both traditional and blockchain solutions.